Black eyes and teeth marks: Graphic photos show injuries to educational assistants

Schools have witnessed an increase in the intensity and frequency of violence. Many factors are precipitating such behaviours and autism is just one of them.

The type of training cited in this article might not be the answer to the challenge identified. Non Violent Crisis Intervention works best when staff are prepared, practiced and confident. Such is not the case here.

Too often staff are left on their own and attempt to engage emotionally charged children and adolescent through an improvised process. No training will succeed if there are no dialogue and practice built around it. Schools rehearse fire evacuations four to six times a year but fail to practice crisis intervention!

Dealing with a student's emotions is by far the most complex work of an educator! Let's make sure that we don’t promote self-protection courses to an already ill process. Individual and team preparation to such situations do not require physical handling of children!

Staff are clear...they need human resources and proper clinical support.

From the article:

Graphic images accompany the latest report on violence in the classroom from the union representing New Brunswick's 3,500 educational assistants.

The union says 2,471 cases of violence were reported in the past 16 months by the frontline workers who play a critical role in supporting students with complex needs. (...)

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