Danger on the job: Assaults soar at St. Joe’s amid budget cuts and treatment changes

Read the article in the Hamilton Spectator: Danger on the job: Assaults soar at St. Joe’s amid budget cuts and treatment changes

This article reflects the painful reality of forensic treatment. A very challenging environment with little room to manoeuvre. It demands self control, self awareness, ready to use options and an impeccable coordination from all responders.

Although the Admin has put in place a series of initiative to address workplace violence, the comments following the article speak differently. Here are a few of them...

"Bottom line is to make management and administration accountable and responsible for injuries suffered to staff. Offer counselling and support and follow up for PTSD in stadff from previous years. Staff cuts make it worse try cutting management/admin before front line staff. CPI is not effective on forensic units. Guards need to be hands on and trained."

"West 5th Campus needs to have unionized Security Guards with proper education/training like the ones they currently employ at the Charlton Campus. Many nurses have to be "hands on" (At West 5th Campus) even when security's present as some guards will stand back and nursing staff must "take the lead". These guards are mainly students, making not much more than minimum wage!!! This has made it very unsafe for Nursing Staff, hence all the recent incidents!"

"Worked in psych at west fifth and emergency psych for 35 years.. got angry that staff were being blamed for faulty alarms and increased assaults. It took me going to media and Dr.Higgins witnessing assault to admit system was flawed. in that time 12 staff were assaulted..."

"No one who works in mental health expecta a totally violent free atmosphere.. what they do expect is that admin take all measures to keep them as safe as possible..in 35 years there i was assaulted several times(fractured wrist/ sprains/ black eyes) but proud of the work we did and liked to help others...violence has never been so high as present day."

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