How to Talk to Teachers About Safety and Security

Article by Robin Hattersley Gray published on December 11, 2014 on Campus Safety Magazine:

In this video, Safe and Sound Founder Michele Gay, who lost one of her daughters in the 2014 Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy and is also a former teacher, describes how first responders can effectively communicate the importance of campus safety and security.

Gay, who last week presented at the Security 100 K-12 Summit in Tucson, Ariz., describes how police, fire and EMTs can work with teachers in a way that is collaborative and fosters their support for safety and security on campus.

“We don’t think like law enforcement, EMTs and firefighters,” she tells Campus Safety magazine. “We are very focused on providing the education that our students need. It begins by sitting down together. There’s not a lot of interaction between the people who deliver safety instruction and the people who warehouse all of that expertise.”

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