Police ‘on notice’ after sentencing of Const. James Forcillo

Read the article in the Toronto Star: Police ‘on notice’ after sentencing of Const. James Forcillo

Once again, the system fails to recognize the importance of team work. I see many officers standing next to Officer Furcillo. All must have had the intuition that Furcillo was triggered and acting irrationally. Still only Furcillo is on the stand. TPS has moved quickly in developing and delivering mental health training to its officers. What are the chances that an officer responding to a disturbance call and faced with a schizophrenic and bipolar individual remembers that session he attended 8 months ago and properly set in place the ingredients conducive to a positive outcome while managing his adrenaline-filled co workers!

De-escalation training should have always been an integral part of training. Deployment practices and lead switch should be immediately included and practiced.

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