WARMINGTON: Principal hit with assault charge on student

The story of principal Sean Hume the principal at Chester elementary school is one that will be repeated many times in the future if School Boards fail to realize the magnitude of this issue. Although Non Violent Crisis Intervention is delivered on a scheduled agreement, the lack of practice jeopardizes the integrity and safety of the most complex set of actions in Education: managing a child’s irrationality and anger.

Sean Hume went to work not knowing he would finish the day at the police station facing a criminal allegation. He will probably have to attend court. His career might be in jeopardy. There is a strong will to see crisis management as a prevention tool, but we fail to prepare for the violence that sometimes comes with it. A sad reality in today’s school systems.

Having delivered NVCI training to schools for close to twenty years, this story doesn’t surprise me. In actual fact, I am surprised that it hasn’t happened more frequently. When people are left on their own to deal with an issue that threatens their safety, irregular or “hybrid” practices start surfacing. The Coroner’s inquest reports on the deaths of E. William and S. Jobin speak too well of such horrible practices.

Read the article in the Toronto SUN: WARMINGTON: Principal hit with assault charge on student

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