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"I wish that the training was longer than a day. Thank you, Steve, for a wonderful day. Keep up the good work. I wish I had a recording to hear again and again what you were saying to us."

"I found this training very informative. It was great to begin the conversation of safety in our resource center which was long overdue. Thanks for providing your insight, share your experiences and techniques with us. Your expertise around these topics was well-received. I am looking forward to a follow-up session in the future."​

"We approached Steve Hall because we needed to strengthen our practices in dealing with client crisis within our organization. He helped us by providing practical tools and applied strategies to manage crisis in a non-violent and respectful way. The result was that we built an agency wide approach using his training to handle difficult situations as they continue to arise.

One thing we gained was a new approach using experiential teaching to help staff have the confidence to work through crisis on an ongoing basis. We found Steve’s experiential teaching model made us reflect upon policies, communication and improve common practice.  

Steve’s experience working in the community services sector with the justice system, mental health and youth also made us think about the needs of clients with greater empathy. We would recommend Steve to any organization looking to apply non-violent crisis intervention."

~ Experiential Training Team, Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood & Community Health Centre

"This training is invaluable and the initiative to make more time to work on these issues/strategies is excellent and much appreciated.  Revising this more frequently will allow staff to really absorb material and apply it more effectively."
~ Toronto

"This was the most useful session I’ve attended in the 5-6 years of attending these. Great teaching style.  This was the first time I’ve taken this workshop that it actually helped! " 
~ City of Toronto

"Steve the instructor is fully confident of his subject and presents them in all practical ways. It has been a worthwhile time to me and especially to my coworkers (life skills) who would benefit from the theory and examples cited." 
~ London

I can sincerely say I learned more strategies from you in the three hour presentation than I have in years...maybe ever. I do immediate crisis response with police and EMS and we never know what we're walking into. I feel much more confident now, so thank you! Hope to see you back soon.
~ Jennifer, YSSN

 "Steve was contracted as part of SIC (Strategic Improvement Company) by the Board of Directors of City Park Apartments Co-op Inc. in December 2011 based on a security audit they had done for an earlier Board, recommending upgrades to the security at City Park, a 770 unit co-op in downtown Toronto. From the initial meeting with Steve through to the completion of the project repositioning, installing and upgrading our existing cameras and in-house security video system and CCTV control access system he was always professional, and delivered on time and on budget. Any delays as a result of unforeseen technical issues were flagged by Steve both in person and in email. Steve's even, low-key personality and training in non-violent crisis intervention was an added bonus in a complex this large with many different groups of people. He deflected where necessary, and explained as requested what the end goal was with no rancour or judgement. Steve's experience and training in crisis counselling was put to use at City Park with training for staff to make them more aware of the environment around them and situations they may encounter. Steve was also available on a phone call when situations arose where it was prudent to get immediate counselling for security staff. If we were in a position to make use of Steve's skills and experience in the future we would have no hesitation in contacting him, and we highly recommend him to anyone considering hiring him for a project whether it is security related or for teaching/training for dealing with crisis situations. Working with Steve left everyone with a positive feeling at the end of the day." 
~ City Park Co-op, Toronto Ontario 

"A very practical workshop whose skills we can apply in many situations. Great resources and framework put together and delivered in a very relevant manner. Thank you for the responsible way of teaching!"
~ Housing First​

"This is need to know material that all people that work in the community should be trained in. Its excellent material to know!"


"We debriefed the training yesterday at team meeting. Everybody was excited, felt more confident about going into the community and shared specific learning. One staff person was especially grateful for the extra help you gave her, she didn’t say exactly what it was, but she did say that it made a big difference for her both personally and professionally. It means a lot to me that you took such good care of them. Thank you." 

"Steve Hall is a great facilitator. Observing how he took the time to make sure the environment was safe during role play was a learning experience in itself!" 
~ Toronto

"One of the best crisis intervention sessions I’ve attended! My mind did not wander away from the information shared. Very Interesting, Thanks!"
~ Etobicoke

"Excellent training, relevant to a variety of settings (inpatient and outpatient). The instructor’s style was great (engaging, clear and thought-provoking). I will recommend this training to others in the organization!"

~ St. Joseph's Healthcare, Hamilton

"I wanted to let you know that M .and I are still talking about how much we enjoyed your training, and it was all because of you and your style. The day flew by and we left with plenty of ideas and changes we would like to see, so thank you very much. It is very clear you are in your element. Your wealth of experience and passion just pours right out of you, not to mention your sense of humour and the fact that you are a hockey fan!" 
~ C.W., Hamilton Assertive Community

"You are obviously well versed in your people skills and the people skills of others and you handled the room vary well. I have been in many a training session that has had  people humming and hawing before lunch just looking at their watches wondering when it will be over yet today your skill with people and attention to the actual points you were trying to be clear on was able to keep everyone more interested and involved rather than looking for the exit. I like to believe I am really good with people but in fact I know I hold onto a lot of issues within myself that if I could better understand them and how to deal with them I might be able to actually become even better with the people I work and associate with. Dealing with peoples inner situations is never easy, especially if you struggle in dealing with some of your own.  With out knowing it you made me want to strengthen my own conditioning of how I deal with my self so I can be a better person to others, not just for work but just because its the right thing to do so for that I thank you again."
~ Region of Peel

"Steve’s knowledge and professionalism was top notch. Steve trained our shelter team in Non Violent Crisis Intervention. Steve customized the training to our agency and because of his tips and suggestions we have created new policies based on what we learned." 

~ Inn From The Cold, Newmarket

"This workshop was like no other - the level of engagement theoretically and physically was excellent and very relevant. I loved the role-plays and thanks to you I understand and no longer angst when asked to role-play! Thank you Steve!"
~ Rexdale

"I’ve received training Through CAMH for de-escalation, but I feel I have a much better understanding on how to de-escalate a situation based on how you have presented and explained the material."
 Unison Community Health Services

"Very interactive and resourceful. Great presentation overall. Really appreciated that as a team we all have a role to support each other. Learning how helpful and important it is for us to practice and utilize codes to raise team awareness and mobilize additional support."

All the information provided was great. I love your enthusiasm and the way in which you deliver the materials. I was very engaged and really enjoyed the workshop. This workshop raised a lot of questions for me and I am motivated to seek further information about what was discussed today. Thank You.
~ Unison Community Health Services


"Je vous remercie pour cette formation. Vous touchez clairement des situations réelles qui se passent dans nos écoles et vous offrez des pistes de solutions très efficaces. Ce sont deux journées de formation très enrichissantes."

"Un grand merci pour ce cours animé par un spécialiste. C’est toujours très enrichissant de pouvoir assister à cette formation."

"Le consultant était extrêmement clair, concis et efficace dans la transmission de ses explications et des méthodes suggérées afin d’éviter les crises autant chez les adultes que chez les enfants. Sa connaissance approfondie du sujet combine a son approche souvent humoristique ont su nous garder intéressés et engagées. EXCELLENTE formation! Bravo Steve! PS. J’ai aussi vraiment apprécié cette formation offerte dans un français impeccable."

~ Viamonde


"Une des formations les plus intéressante et pertinente que j’ai suivie depuis longtemps. Un gros merci !"

"J’ai bien aimé cette formation, j’ai appris des nouvelles stratégies qui m’aident beaucoup dans mon travail comme éducatrice spécialisée."

"Steve est un animateur chevronné qui utilise beaucoup d’anecdotes pour capter l’attention de l’auditoire."

"En tant qu’intervenante directe en cas de crise, le contenu de la formation me permet de remettre en question mes pratiques (pendant et après la crise)."

"Tout au long de l’atelier, je réfléchissais à mes élèves – certains élèves en particulier. J’ai déjà des idées à essayer demain en salle de classe pour prévenir la progression jusqu’à la ventilation. Merci !"

"Merci de m’éveiller a l’impact soit négatif ou positif que je peux avoir comme intervenant. Avoir toute l’histoire, ne pas avoir peur de questionner pour mieux répondre aux besoins de l’élève."

"Mr Hall est un expert et il est rafraichissant d’avoir une présentation aussi complète ou il y a une flexibilité dans le sujet et ou les questions sont répondues en donnant des exemples logiques. Mr Hall pousse les participants à réfléchir, à aller plus loin dans leurs observations et expériences avec le comportement humain."


"L’atelier m’a beaucoup plu, c’est très réaliste. J’ai aimé entendre vos expériences de cas vécus. De plus, vous savez comment capter notre attention avec des exemples tout ayant le sens de l’humour ! Merci beaucoup."

"Je pense que cette formation devrait être donnée à tout le personnel car n’importe quel adulte peut se retrouver en situation de crise."

"Les exemples et démonstrations étaient très pertinentes et claires pour illustrer les informations enseignées. Je communiquerai ces infos aux membres du personnel de mon école et mettrai en place un processus de gestion de crise. Merci !"

"Une des meilleures formations que j’ai suivies. J’aime l’approche humaine, interactive, et humoristique, tout en donnant une formation sur un sujet sérieux. Tous les membres du personnel des écoles devraient suivre cette formation. Merci Steve !"

"Ton expertise avec les jeunes et le domaine de la sécurité est impressionnante. Ton discours était logique, concret et très motivant/inspirant. J’ai énormément apprécié les deux jours de formation et je retourne en salle de classe beaucoup plus préparée à l’intervention dans le cas d’une crise. Tu as su mettre tout le monde à l’aise ! Merci pour ton sens de l’humour, j’ai beaucoup ri !"

"J’ai assisté à votre formation plus d’une fois, je n’hésiterai pas à y aller autant que je peux puisque j’apprends toujours de nouvelles choses."

~Centre Francophone de Toronto