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"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail."

Steve is the founder of Steve Hall Safety Consultation Services, an Ontario firm specializing in training and consulting for workplace violence prevention. Steve has facilitated hundreds of workplace violence prevention workshops within most profit and non-profit sectors. His philosophy, experience and delivery style has made him one of the most impactful facilitators on the topic of workplace violence.


“The clientele I work with aims at helping people. From vocational workers, educators, nurses, to social workers, receptionists, and volunteers: they all share the mandate and desire to make a positive difference. By choosing so, they also have the professional obligation to be as prepared as they can to deal with difficult clients.


It is my role to defeat the practice of improvisation and prepare agencies to respond to those challenging situations. In my opinion, dealing with an individual who is irrational is the most complex part of anyone's job description. My focus is to lead staff in developing personal and team strategies giving them the confidence to address the early stages of agitation and irrationality. I believe the staff’s involvement is key to success and a crucial element in the development and the application of sound strategies.”