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Beware Of Preying Cyber Criminals During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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Cyber criminals are parasitic, so the fact that they are using COVID-19 as a backdrop to increase their attacks should not be a surprise. It is, nonetheless, disappointing and irritating. IT teams are stretched to capacity managing en masse remote working conditions and the stability, security and training/help desk issues resulting from this new environment. Increased cyberattacks can stretch IT teams to or beyond their capacity. For the rest of us, we’re trying to keep business running, conference calls moving, and maintain service standards while ensuring a germ-free and often a child-managed (educated and happy?) environment.

What are we trying to protect? Cyber criminals will try to get you to send them information and will try to access information about you from your computers. They can use information on your laptop and home computers, including documents, photos and videos to steal your identity and possibly for extortion. Depending on the virus or malware used, once on your computer or laptop at home, it can betray key strokes and passwords to get access to secure information such as banking and work networks. Their access to this depends on your less robust IT security at home as well as your attention being diverted.



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